“Being unique isn’t a matter of being different or remarkable, but rather, of realizing who one truly is.”

Beau Voir was born of the shared vision and complementary skills of two Parisian women: Cyrielle Leclère, fashion designer, and Natacha Pons, creative embroiderer.

Sensitive to the storytelling opportunities that textile design provides, with its microstructures and optical illusions, they also share the conviction that clothing must be an expression of its wearer.

Much more than a brand, Beau Voir offers an authentic experience, an original approach to textile design that blends exceptional craftsmanship with innovation and exclusivity.

The collections focus on subjects that the designers hold dear, each of which offers myriad possibilities for fruitful creative interaction.

At the journey’s end lies a jewel-like garment that mirrors you, a finely crafted adornment – the essence of what makes you unique.

A piece created by Beau Voir is a manifestation of your inner being, lovingly infused with the creative universe of these two designers.