The 10 personnality traits of an innovator

Notes taken from Natalia Noguera Stefano’s interesting intervention :

#1_DISAGREE ! Ask questions, go deeper into subjects… an innovator shlould not accept everything « as it is ».

#2_Like problems : Consider challenges as opportunities to identify new solutions

#3_Try and fail : Have a healthy dose of energy to settle things, unsetle them, resettle them differently…

#4_UX : Focus on User Experience for every strategic decision

#5_Connect thoughts : An innovator naturally tie its ideas to moove forward more efficiently

#6_Motiver : Its teams, its partners, its providers… and itself !

#7_Serendipity style : Have the capacity to manage unexpected things, often strategic, coming from incidents

#8_Intuition : It’s a very rare quality, difficult to get

#9_End results : Be end results oriented avoids loosing itself into details

#10_Working environment : take care of its work environment in order to make it as sweet as possible, favorable to innovation

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